How to get there.

The location

The venue is the Seeschloss Lanke (clickable link) just outside Berlin. A place, that not only resembles the beauty of the Berlin region, that we value so much. It also has quite some personal note, as Martins family is residing just next village for about 50 years already. This place just comprises all what we hoped for, a nice location with good food at a lake in the woods.

Of course we encourage you to consider an promote climate friendly travel options. Berlin is very well connected by high-speed railway, making flying not faster from Belgium. If you can, merge with people to share rides together. 

By Train

The closest train stop is S Bernau Bhf, reachable via the local commuter trains (german: S-Bahn, symbol: white S on green ground) or the fast regional trains (run by local DB, look for red signs). The commuter train/S-Bahn line S2 brings you from the city center (Friedrichstraße, Potsdamer Platz, Brandenburger Tor, Gesundbrunnen) until the terminus of Bernau. The faster connection of RE3 (direction Schwedt Oder or Stralsund) brings you from Berlin main station (Berlin Hauptbahnhof/Hbf) or Gesundbrunnen in less than 20 min to Bernau.

From Bernau, you will need to take a cab for the last part. Here, you can show this paper in German to indicate to the taxi driver, where you need to go to. Also keep enough cash, as paying by card is firstly not a thing. And second, phone reception outside cities in Germany is very limited.


Berlin train ticket system is working in zones, consisting of 3 zones: A, B or C. While you only can buy combined zones tickets: A+B, B+C, A+B+C, for going around in Berlin, go for the cheapest A+B tickets. But for Bernau train station you need the C zone included. But if you go for a multiday ticket of A+B, you can just buy an extension ticket, allowing you to enter the other C zone for that single trip. Especially for those, spending some holidays in Berlin, you might consider even the tourist special offers of CityTourCard or WelcomeCard that offer you some additional special fares for attractions, while the latter gives you free access to the whole Museum Island of Berlin.

You can purchase the public transport tickets already online or at any vending machines on all the platforms subways/S-Bahn and in the airport. Trams and Busses also sell you tickets, but only single fare or daily tickets. All vending machines have small flags in the corner, so you can change the language (English or French included). At the main station in Berlin, avoid the red painted ticket vending machines, as those are primarily giving you long distance train tickets.

Below you find a map of the local train and subway system. For all kind of connection requests and route optimizations check: the local transport webpage or check this extremely handy smartphone app for android phones (it doesn't exist for iPhone).

By Shuttle Bus

As announced before, we organized a bus shuttle for those guests, that are residing in Berlin City Center. The meeting point is at in the east city center of Alexanderplatz, behind the ParkInn hotel, when coming from the train station and TV tower. It is indicated in the map on the right. It is also the pick-up point of some long distance bus companies (FlixBus, BlaBlaCar, etc.). Below you find some images of the spot.

The meeting time is 12:30 pm.

We will have our friend Emilio waiting for you there to assure, everyone is on board and give last minute directions. He is native in French and Spanish and fluent in English and German. So don't hesitate to contact him in urgent cases. For the guest already registered on the shuttle, we will provide you his number and he has your contacts.

In case you still want to register for the shuttle, please inform us: 

By Car

The location is easily accessible by car, via the A11 German highway direction Stettin. Take the exit "Lanke". Turn left after the exit and enter the village. After the road turned right and goes into the valley, continue straight where the main road turns left. That will bring you to the lake and on your left you will find the Seeschloss Lanke. The location has quite some parking spots, but especially during warm summers, the area might be a bit busier.

For easier direction, following the link of Seeschloss Lanke (clickable link)