Wedding Program



from 1:30 pm

2:00 pm
(wedding garden)


2:30 pm
(wedding garden)


3:30 pm
Wedding Cake
(wedding garden)


7:00 pm


All evening
Dance, dance, dance
and  have fun.

Additional Information:

Guests of the Hotel:

The rooms will be available only after 3 pm. So for the guests of the Hotel, that arrive the day of the wedding and would like to change their dress upon arrival, please get in contact with us. We have some rooms of guests arriving already on Friday, so we could meet you up and could try to find a solution for you.

The check-out of next day is until 11 am. But feel free to stay around the location for a bit longer with us. The lake in front of the location has a public beach (free of charge, but also with a natural finish, see image below), where you can swim. There are actually several lakes around and the surrounding forests have plenty, beautiful hiking paths. The hikes are not too demanding, even with kids and you can enter the lakes wherever you want.

Guests with Kids:

Kids are welcome to this wedding. After the ceremony, we have the "wedding garden" all for us, which is a closed area, in which the kids are free to run around or even use the playground in front of the Hotel/Restaurant. We even have three babysitters on board, that will keep an eye on the small ones. However, consider they are still under your full responsibilities.

If it is very warm, you might consider to bring swim clothes for your kids and move with them over to the beach. You are more than welcome to do so. The public beach (in the image on the right/below) is just around the corner of the lake, about 4 minutes walking. In front of the location, there is no safe swimming access. The public beach also has a much larger playground.

For later in the evening, or as bad weather option, we also have the small salon behind the bar solely reserved for the kids. They will have their buffet served in there. Before and after, that place will be used as the kids indoor play room.

The view of the location from the public beach (photo taken end of April).